Just Saying: Things You Should Know or at Least I Think You Should Know

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Mistakes while costly, can be an invaluable source of experience. How do you learn from your mistakes? How do you handle failure? Adversity? How do you reach your goals?

Written by Amazon best selling author Alexander Hernandez, Just Saying; Things You Should Know or At Least I Think You Should Know, will guide you and provide you with the insight you need to not only be successful, but to also make you happier along the way. You will improve your life with positive thoughts and actions, learn to avoid negativity in your home and workplace, and learn to deal with disappointments and expectations. You will find inspiration in the most unlikely of places and improve your life without taking things for granted. You are not alone in your experiences. There is strength in numbers. Learn to use consistency, haters, and your surroundings to take steps towards the success you deserve whether in your personal life or business.


Sooner or later those attorneys and others that behave in a similar fashion will all learn a valuable lesson and one they most likely cannot afford; the universe is a mirror and you better be careful what you project to that mirror because mirrors do not lie. Whether you are religious, spiritual, or atheist, the day will come that you will either have to meet your maker or your conscious.

It is those little acts that seep into your daily life and society as a whole which results in larger acts being handled in the same way. Put a stop to it! Being kind and respectful only takes a second out of your day and the energy required to say thank you or to be nice is minimal. It also costs you nothing. It’s free! You can’t beat free! All you have to do is ask yourself if you would like for a stranger to treat you in the same manner.

Be nice.

My religious philosophy is kindness. Try to be kind. That’s something worth achieving.” – Pierce Brosnan