Eleven Roses

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One sultry afternoon in a Key West bar, Michael Alvarez broods over the choices he’s made in the past. He fears his success as a high-powered attorney has come at the ultimate price; the loss of the only soul mate he may ever know.

The lonely lawyer pours his heart out to a sympathetic friend and bartender as he recalls the evening a gorgeous woman entered a nightclub and changed his life forever. Sparks fly when Michael meets Alexis Stanton in Eleven Roses, a heart-stirring story about two people bonded by a deep and everlasting love, but torn apart by circumstance.

Alexis has everything a woman could ever want, including a husband. Yet, she is drawn to Michael by an unrelenting force that becomes stronger the more she tries to deny it. Michael in turn questions his love for Alexis, knowing that her powerful husband could destroy his promising new career with a single phone call.

Written by Amazon Best Selling author Alexander Hernandez and the author of nine books, Eleven Roses is set in the sexy, steamy south Florida climate, exploring what’s possible when irrepressible love faces insurmountable odds.


Alexis parked at Hobe Beach. She squeezed her car between two Australian pine trees. The soothing effect of the wind off Key Biscayne Bay produced a beckoning whisper. With the convertible top of her Mercedes down, the wind had given her hair that tousled just-got-out-of-bed look, which Michael so loved.

From across the bay, brightly lit skyscrapers of all shapes, sizes, and colors erased every star from the sky.

Michael always found the view intoxicating. During stressful times, he would park his car in the gravel, light a cigar, and listen to the faint sound of Australian pine needles rustling and water lapping against the pebbly shoreline.

Alexis popped in one of her demo tapes, the lyrics inspired by Michael. They sat in car and spoke close to an hour, enjoying the conversation and each other.


It began to drizzle. Although Michael was in mid-sentence, Alexis climbed over the center console to the passenger side and silenced Michael with a kiss. Michael teased her by not submitting to her kisses and continued talking. Undeterred, Alexis hiked up her skirt and un-tucked her knit top. She placed Michael’s hands on her soft breasts.

“No bra? Are you wearing panties?”

“What do you think? Now shut up and kiss me!”

What originally began as an occasional raindrop increased in intensity as did their passion. Michael submitted to her desires. He unbuttoned her top, revealing under the moonlight her perfect breasts. The raindrops came down with greater force. Michael could taste the rain on her moist lips.

The wind and the rain picked up. The branches of the pine trees started to sway back and forth, showering their bodies with pine needles. The whispering wind quickly turned into a howl. Without disturbing their kiss, Alexis reached down and with the touch of a button, her convertible top slowly rose.

“Let’s go outside, mi amor.

By mistake, Alexis had left the car headlights on. The light rain was now a strong summer shower. The few lovers that remained on the beach sharing a romantic evening hurriedly returned to their cars and drove away. Alexis and Michael were alone. Beams of light from the headlights lit the sand like a stage awaiting their private performance.