Bobby Be Good, Part I

motorcycle fictions, sons of anarchy

Bobby Bryant did not have it easy growing up. His abusive father, Bob Sr., was a former Marine and retired police officer who had a penchant for alcohol and violence. Like his father, when Bobby graduated from high school, he joined the Marine Corp., but he vowed to not be like his father.

As a Captain in the Marines, Bryant was highly respected and earned the praise of his men, but his aggressive tactics and no holds barred approach got him into trouble more often than not. Breaking the rules once again, meant Bryant was being court martialed, however, he was given an out.

His Colonel requires him to join the Miami Police Department as a personal favor to him. Bryant was reluctant in becoming a police officer. He enjoyed the freedom and the adrenaline rush of being in the military. He considered police work boring, that is until he is offered the opportunity to work undercover.

The drug business in Miami is booming. The once quiet vacation spot for snowbirds has been overrun by cocaine and cash. Corruption has spread throughout Miami like a plague. Everyone is cashing in from the judges, politicians, even the Miami Police Department. Bryant’s assignment; infiltrate the drug trade at any cost.

Bryant thrusts himself into the world of narco-trafficking and his experience as a Marine serves him well. The violent Cuban-born Manolo Vazquez is Miami’s most powerful drug lord with direct ties to the Colombian cartels. Bryant convinces Vazquez to hire him in order to train his bodyguards, but Bryant’s combative style soon leads him to be Vazquez’s right hand man, confidant, and top bodyguard.

Having to survive in the cocaine trafficking business, Bryant has to learn to walk the fine and often times blurred line of a law enforcement officer and enforcer for a cocaine cowboy.

Living the double-life of bodyguard for Vazquez and working undercover for the corrupt Miami Police Department, Bobby finds balance and sanity in his life when a chance encounter results in meeting Anny Carter; a college student at the University of Miami. He struggles with the lies and deceit that has become his life, while at the same time having to protect Anny from the dangers of his undercover work, otherwise, they will both be killed by the merciless Vazquez.

Vazquez however, sees a loyal partner in Bryant. He must be, since Bryant is as ruthless as he is. While Bryant succeeds in infiltrating the drug world, he cannot escape his past.

Mandy Robbins was the former Prosecutor from the J.A.G. Corp. that experienced Bryant slipping through her hands once before. Robbins is now a prosecutor in the Miami State Attorney’s Office. As division chief for the powerful Special Crimes Division, Robbins seeks revenge against Bryant, even though his success working undercover is unparalleled. But once again, Bryant disappears.


Seven-year old Bobby Jr. stepped out of the liquor store with his father, Bob Sr. His attention was seized by the motorcycle parked on the sidewalk; a custom 1966 Harley Davidson Shovelhead. The biker was leaning against his motorcycle with his right foot resting on the pipe. Typical of the bikers of that time, he wore his hair long as well as his beard. He was wearing jeans, boots, and a cut. He took another drag from his cigarette and flicked it to the ground. Bob Sr. observed his son admiring the biker. He interrupted his son’s thoughts. “Son, you don’t want to be a biker.”

“Why not, dad? Check out his bike. It’s so cool.”

“Cool? You think jail is cool? He’s nothing but a dirty biker. This country is going to hell because of guys like that. All of them bikers are nothing but criminals. They all belong in prison and that is where you will end up if you look up to guys like that.”

“I’m sorry, dad. I didn’t know he was a bad guy.”


“He is. If you become a cop like me, you can tell just by looking.” A look of disgust showcased Bob Sr.’s face. “How many Marines had to die so he can have the freedom to ride his motorcycle? And this is how he pays them back? He’s never worked an honest day in his life. I bet he spends his day smoking weed and drinking whiskey. He’s a bum. Don’t ever be like that, son!”

The biker lit up another cigarette. He looked over at Bobby and cracked a smile. Bob Sr. noticing this, grabbed Bobby by the wrist and dragged him like an abused dog on a leash. “Come on.” Bobby followed his dad to his car, but he kept peering over his right shoulder to look at the biker.


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