Spiritual Kompromat- Part II of the Trinity Series

paranormal fiction, kompromat, russia collusion

With Spiritual Kompromat, the paranormal political thriller serves as the second book in the Trinity Series.

Retired Navy Seal Jack Klein has tried putting the past behind him, but the world has changed drastically over the past seven years and now the F.B.I. needs Jack to face evil once again, this time for the good of the country as the nation’s greatest threat takes place both spiritually and politically. A political scandal ensues where corruption and election meddling by Russia is just the tip of the political iceberg.

The final in the Trinity Series is coming out soon. Knock. Knock. It's the Devil! is the first in the series.


Jack remembered closing his eyes and either falling asleep or fainting. Either one wasn’t good. There was silence on his end, but with every minute of the recording, noises were heard that ranged from footsteps, unexplained banging, shuffling of feet across the concrete floor, and the cracking noise of broken glass being stepped on. Disembodied voices were heard, but the more Jack replayed the audio, the more difficult it became to understand the words being said. Each time he listened, he heard something different.

The audio went blank for twenty-seven minutes until once again, disembodied voices were heard including three different distinct male voices. Then he heard it. A female’s voice was captured and the two words said echoed throughout Jack’s mind. The strange noises continued, but, were interrupted by a scream belonging to the same female voice.

Jack. Sorry.”