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You are guaranteeing me it is virtually impossible to have an accident riding BMW’s Motorrad Vision Next 100, so much so that I don’t need protective gear or a helmet? How do I get one?

Well, the answer to the first question is in the affirmative. BMW’s new concept motorcycle, the Vision Next 100, is an amazing zero emissions motorcycle that is self-balancing, even when the motorcycle is standing still. BMW’S bold claim is that the visor that is used to ride with it provides constant data on the road conditions and thus, it is safe to ride without a helmet. I believe that is more from the technology that will exist at the time that makes it safer for motorcycle riders and auto drivers in general, not just the visor. As to when can I get one? Well, with some luck I won’t have to wait thirty years.


Other cool features about the Vision Next 100 is the carbon fiber frame known as “flexframe” which means the the frame of the motorcycle turns in the direction of the front wheel (not sure what that means, but it sounds cool anyway).

Now, don’t get disappointed with having to wait 30 years for this technology because the fact is, if a concept motorcycle with these features could be created now, imagine what we will see in the next five to ten years, especially when it comes to safety features. Those features will most likely carryover first to the car industry and with more auto drivers than motorcycle riders, that is exactly what we need.

I look forward to what is next.

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