Bikes Up Guns Down- an Oxymoron

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The joke that is bikes up guns down started a few days earlier this year. On MLK Day, I posted a blog where a video was shown of one person jumping on the trunk of a police car while another opened the door to the police car.

By Sunday evening, the Miami-Dade Police Department stated as follows:

  • 38 ATVs and dirt bikes had been towed or impounded.
  • 29 traffic violations had been issued.

By Monday:

  • 3 arrests were made for criminal traffic violations.
  • 4 firearms were confiscated.
  • 19 arrests.
  • 18 traffic violations.
  • 72 ATV’s and dirt bikes were towed.
  • there were reports of attempted break-ins into a tow yard to retrieve the ATV’s and/or dirt bikes.


This year did seem better than last year, then again, how much worse could it get than a gang shooting at Martin Luther King Memorial Park where eight people were shot and dozens injured. Somehow, no one was killed.

In addition, it was reported there were less riders participating this year. Why? Police attribute it to the warnings they gave.


Now, the part that bothers me is that more arrests aren’t made, and in my opinion, this could be controlled. I understand this is not organized rally where people start at one location and finish at another, but there has to be an attempt somehow to block off some areas like Coral Gables did years ago. Rather than have increased costs with guard gates and security patrols, the city of Coral Gables simply blocked off some areas as a form of crime prevention. A simple and effective idea.

I also understand the costly implications of chasing someone on a dirt bike, but if law enforcement has their hands tied and can’t do more than they are doing and it’s not cost effective to have x amount of officers involved, then it’s time for them to apply pressure to legislators. Shame on legislators for not stepping up to the plate on this issue from day one! Trust me, thirty days in jail will do the trick!


It’s either that or keep looking like idiots to the rest of the country, not to mention the loss of revenue. Imagine how much revenue could be created if there actually was a nice event going on to celebrate Martin Luther King. An entire of weekend of events that includes parades and concerts. It’s already done for Memorial Weekend and Calle Ocho and considering the brutal winters of January many states are experiencing, Miami is a nice place to start. Just imagine if it can be promoted with an event that includes the cruise industry.

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