Waco Bikers Are Being Released!

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Finally! Approximately twenty-five bikers have bonded out and more are sure to follow with reduced bonds.

On Monday, married couple, William English a Marine Veteran, & his wife, Morgan English, were released from McClennan County Jail after being arrested in connection to the “Waco Biker Shootout.” Their ridiculous and now infamous $1 million dollar bond that was issued by Justice of the Peace Walter H. Peterson, was reduced to $25,000.

The Englishes are not members of either Bandidos Motorcycle Club or the Cossacks Motorcycle Club, but that didn’t stop the Waco Police Department as they rounded up anyone and everyone on a motorcycle.


As predicted in my prior post, future lawsuits are likely to be filed on civil rights violations and it will be interesting to see how the State Attorney’s Office will handle this case, because a lawsuit of this magnitude if won by the bikers, would bankrupt the town of Waco. Well, the Law Firm of Looney & Conrad, which represents the Englishes, sent out a Press Release claiming just that!

Apparently, detainees are being told to sign a waiver of a future lawsuit in exchange for a reduced bond. It has become obvious the Waco Police Department and the Waco State Attorney’s Office is involved in one disaster after another with this case. It’s time for the Attorney General to step in and investigate everything surrounding this case!


Now, to focus on the positive- bikers are being united. Have you ever heard stories of minivan owners getting together because one minivan driver had an issue or passed away? Or for BMW drivers? Or for any car driver for that fact? Of course not. They say bikers don’t abide by society’s rules. You know what- they are damn right! Society doesn’t stick together; bikers do!

Bikers take care of each other. They always have, always will. No matter whether they wear colors or not, the passion is all the same; motorcycles. When poet William Butler Yeats said “there are no strangers here; just friends you haven’t met yet,” he must have been talking about bikers.


All of us following the Waco Shootout know an injustice when we see one; thus, the greatness of the motorcycle riding community. While others turn their back, bikers ask “what we can do?” Without fail, the biker community is pulling through.

The All for 1 Waco Freedom Ride is scheduled for this Sunday, June 7th. Great job 2 Million Bikers DC! Please share this with everyone!

Keep note— ALL EYES ARE ON YOU! Don’t give the media, the Waco Police Department or the Waco State Attorney’s Office any ammunition. As the posts and flyers read, obey all traffic laws! Behave! And more importantly, wave The American Flag!

The ride begins at 8 a.m at Sam’s Club at 2301 E. Waco Drive to the McLennan County Courthouse which is located at 501 Washington Avenue, Waco Texas (3 miles away).

Good luck and continue to shed light on this! Welcome home William & Morgan English!!!

MC Atty


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