Bikers for Trump

bikers for trump
Bikers For Trump- Major fake news and meme

Bikers, fake news, and President Elect Trump. You really didn’t think that fake news was going to disappear overnight, did you?

If you ride a motorcycle even if you aren’t into politics, you have heard of by now of Bikers for Trump; a pro Trump motorcycle riding group. They plan on attending the inauguration even requested permits, the problem, President Elect Donald Trump has re-twitted a fake photo of the bikers heading to Washington.

This photo actually dates back to 2013, posted on a blog on how to ride a motorcycle when traveling in large groups. But it doesn’t stop there. A YouTube video shows thousands of bikers heading for the rally which is really a video of the Marine Toys for Tots ride in Kentucky.

Well, what about the photos I even saw on Facebook with hundreds of thousands of bikers supporting Trump at his rally? Fake too! That was also a pic from 2013 at a 2 Million Bikers DC Rally.

I understand why fake news exist, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist or in this case, a psychiatrist to figure the thought process involved. But fake news is lying, just in a digital form. It doesn’t seem fake news is going away anytime soon and as long as people are shady and have an agenda to push, I guess we will be dealing with this for years to come.

It’s all fun and cute, until someone gets hurt, and trust me, someone will get hurt because of fake news. It almost happened in “Pizzagate,” when someone fired a shot into a pizzeria because they believed Hillary Clinton was harboring sex slaves in the basement of that pizza store. Here’s an idea, use common sense and Google, you will be surprised how fast you can figure out if a story is fake or real, or maybe, you just don’t care.

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