Biker Risks Life to Stop Suicide

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Photo of the man contemplating jumping off the Minsk Highway

An unidentified man was hitchhiking from a town near Moscow, Russia to what is known as the Kursk region in order to attend his mother’s funeral. The man was hitchhiking. Unfortunately, he was running late, resulting in a mental breakdown. As you can see in the picture above, a screenshot of the YouTube video posted by the motorcycle rider that saved his life, the distraught man was standing on the edge of an overpass on the Minsk highway, ready to commit suicide.


That is when motorcycle rider, Ivan Zolotarev, saw the man as he rode underneath the bridge. Zolotarev pulled over into the emergency lane, turned his motorcycle around, and rode in the emergency lane against the flow of traffic, risking his own life. As you can see in the video, Zolotarev is speaking to the man in Russian, trying to convince him to get off the ledge of the overpass. Once he convinces the man does so, Zolotarev continues riding against traffic in the emergency lane in order to enter the highway ramp.


In the short video that has now gone viral on YouTube, you can see Zolotarev ride on to the highway ramp until he is able to meet up with the man. The man is clearly distraught and psychologically seems “out of it.” The man had originally lied to Zolotarev on where he was going and what occurred.

Others cars stopped as well to help. Twice, the man tried to run away but was caught by the good samaritans. They waited until the police showed up.

Luckily, the tragedy was stopped on time.

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Video captured by biker of man ready to jump off overpass and commit suicide.
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