Biker Fight in Ottawa IL Recorded with a Drone

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Ottawa Biker Brawl

Earlier this week, violence broke out between motorcycle clubs and the entire incident was caught on video by a drone operator. The biker brawl occurred this past Sunday outside of JJ’s Pub which is located in downtown Ottawa, Illinois.

The Ottawa Police issued a press release reading that they were able to disperse a crowd of fifty to seventy-five club members. One police officer had minor injuries but was treated and released.

Four people were arrested and handguns, knives and other weapons were seized at the scene.


Drone operator, Shannon Cantu, who owns a drone business called Provisional Shot in Ottawa, had heard that there was a possibility of something happening and he went over there hoping to catch footage. He even confirms this on the Facebook Page of Provisional Shot. Visit his business page for some great videos.
The good news is that no shots were fired nor serious injuries reported. The fight never made its way inside the pub. Law enforcement was present which included Ottawa Police, Marseilles Police, La Salle County Sheriff’s Office and Illinois State Police. Two officers remained outside of JJ’s Pub once everything was under control.
Those arrested were-
  • Eric P. Cronin on the charges of mob action, aggravated assault upon a peace officer which carries a felony charge.
  • Robert J. Thoman was arrested on charges of mob action, unlawful use of a weapon, a misdemeanor, for being in possession of brass knuckles and using a glass bottle as a weapon. Reports indicate he is a licensed concealed weapon carrier, but was charged with a felony for having his firearm concealed inside a bar.
  • Craig Varner was arrested for an expired registration and Christopher T. Tondini, was arrested for the altering of a vehicle registration.
  • On Monday, Shawn P. Thompson was arrested and charged with aggravated battery on a police officer and obstructing a peace officer.

Police continue to watch available videos and interview witnesses, so more arrests may be coming. Witnesses had said the fight was between the Hells Angels MC and Outlaws MC, but I have not seen any confirmation of that by law enforcement or the media.

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To see the video posted by Cantu/Provisional shot, follow this link or click the photo above to be directed to his Facebook page.

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