Big Thompson Canyon- Colorado

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Getting to Estes Park Colorado

Below is a video of when I was riding through Big Thompson Canyon in Colorado. Known as one of the most scenic routes for motorcycle riding, you are surrounded by mountains as the road and river meanders in-between.

With large sweeping curves and riding mostly in third gear, it was an easy and enjoyable ride. I did not see any wildlife as I rode through, except I did spot deer on the side of the ride a few times on the way out, so I made it a point to slow down in case deer decided to jump in front of me. That did happen once in Missouri, but I was in second gear and had plenty of time to react. I haven’t reached that part of the trip yet with my pictures and video, but I’m hoping I was able to capture it.


Before heading out to Big Thompson, I did camp for a few days in Estes Park, Colorado. Our view was awesome with snow capped mountains off in the distance, but, every camping spot was filled and there were a little of children running in and out of the campsite all day. I prefer peace and quiet when camping, but it still wasn’t enough to prevent me from going back one day.


Entering Spearfish Canyon from Colorado, there was deer well camouflaged among the trees, however, luckily for me, as I neared them on my motorcycle, they left running in the opposite direction.

There are photos and videos of a cow or bull, I forget which now, that was also in the middle of the road as I took a curve in Spearfish Canyon South Dakota. Another time riding through Custer National Park, I did round a curve and there was a herd of rams feeding on the side of the road. Again, being conscious of this, I was never speeding and always had more than enough time to stop, pull over to the side of the road, and take more pictures and videos (coming soon).

Ride safe,

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