Beware- Left Turns

motorcycle accidents
Left turns are the number one way accidents occur


The overwhelming majority of accidents whether in a car or on a motorcycle, are due to left turns. You get cut-off and t-bone the other car. Luckily, in the video I posted below, I was driving below the speed limit through Coconut Grove and had plenty of time to react since I was anticipating getting cut-off.

One thing that I do not mention enough, especially in safety blogs, is the speed factor. First and foremost, speed kills. Speed limits exist for a reason. And the fact is, the faster you are traveling, the longer your stopping/braking distance needs to be.

One thing that I tell everyone when I start my classes and scares them, rightfully so, is to know how many feet per second you are traveling. If you multiple your speed times 1.5., that is how many feet per second you are traveling.

So, if you are traveling fifty miles per hour, then get 50, plus half of that which is 25, and add up the two figures. Thus, at fifty miles per hour, you are traveling seventy-five feet per second. If you are tailgating or someone is going to cut you off, if they are seventy-five feet away, you have one second to react. Think about that. Let it sink in.

In this case, the car was turning left from my right. When you reach an intersection and a car is turning from your left to your right, you have to be extra cautious because they may not see you for a host of reasons.

One thing I like to do is the “shake and bake” (click it for video).  The movement of the headlight or even the motorcycle itself, makes it easier to be spotted. In the video, the movement doesn’t seem like much, but trust me, it is.

Be safe and feel free to share your stories with me. I will be more than happy in posting it on the blog. I can be reached at

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