BBB On Receiving Refunds- Nashville Bike Week


Updated July 6, 2017

I was talking with a friend yesterday, and he mentioned how for about a week now, all is silent regarding Nashville Bike Week. You can hear the crickets. However, the Better Business Bureau is still speaking out publicly about Mike Axle also known as Mike Leffingwell, and any event related to him.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Below is a link to to WKRN News and the Better Business Bureau on obtaining refunds. The Better Business Bureau has a link to their site to use when filing your complaint with the credit card company.

Sheriff’s Office

Another link is to the Sheriff’s Office in Humphrey County that is collecting information from those that have purchased tickets. Here is that link.

Further Information- Nashville Bike Week/Facebook Scam Page

I also recommend you visit the Nashville Bike Week Scam Page on Facebook which has plenty of documented evidence in order to assist you in obtaining a refund. As of July 6, 2017, the Scam Page has already obtained more than one hundred thousand dollars in refunds. The information is in a zip file and can be used to present to your credit card company.

Credit Card Company Process

Please note it is common for the credit company to reject your initial dispute. File an appeal and try to go above that person and speak directly with a supervisor. The standard reply is you had to file your complaint within one hundred twenty days of your ticket purchase, but the fact is you had no reason to know the event wasn’t going forward until Mike Leffingwell was arrested. So, I would argue it should be one hundred days from his arrest, when you were officially put on notice. That is a simple breach of contract dispute.

Also, the fact that is his name is not Mike Axle is a breach of contract and makes any agreement void. He was arrested for the illegal name change.

Even then, you will likely get rejected again. Request arbitration! No one will appear and you should receive your refund then.

If you wish to share your personal experiences about the event, feel free to contact me directly. I even posted one blog written by someone that had bought tickets and wasn’t able to get a refund.

MC Atty

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