Badlands, South Dakota Inner Loop

Badlands National Park, mount rushmore
There are plenty of overlooks to stop and take a photo at the Badlands.

Just outside of the Cedar Pass Campground, is the Cedar Pass Restaurant; the perfect place if you want to skip making breakfast while camping or for lunch/dinner if you have a long ride ahead of you before your next stop. There is also a gift shop if you want to stock up on items or send gifts out to friends.

Our second day at the Badlands was spent riding “the loop” which included visiting Wall Drug.

Riding “the loop,” Highway 240, is a must do. The Badlands Loop is known as one of the most scenic routes in the country. Even though it is a short thirty miles, the reality is you will stop at the many overlooks to enjoy the view and take photos.

At one of the stops, I parked my motorcycle next to another biker, only to jump off my bike in a hurry. That was a mistake, since it was “Bobby” from Sons of Anarchy. True to his character, he still looked the same; wearing dirty jeans and it seems his vest had seen a few miles as well. It would have been epic to talk a selfie with “Bobby” in the middle of the Badlands. Maybe next time.

Remember that weather in South Dakota changes rapidly, so be prepared for all kinds of weather, especially strong winds. The strong winds almost caused me to wreck on my motorcycle, so be wary of which direction the wind is blowing from and one what side of the lane oncoming traffic is in. 

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MC Atty

Here is a short video clip of one of the overlooks. This video is of riding the “inner loop.” Ride safe.


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