“Bad Acts” says District Attorney Abel Reyna

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Updates on the Waco Twin Peaks Shootout 

No one can forget the line of Colonel Nathan R. Jessup played by the legendary Jack Nicholson in the movie “A Few Good Men,” when he was being cross examined by JAG Attorney Daniel Kaffee (Tom Cruise) and Jessup yells out “you can’t handle the truth.” It’s a classic! And as so often happens, fact and fiction meet.


For one, Tom Cruise was uncovering a crime, a conspiracy committed by Colonel Jessup. Kaffee’s team debated the legal posturing of issuing a subpoena and having the powerful Colonel Jessup testify at trial. What was Kaffee looking for? What would Kaffee find in the flight logs from the planes leaving to/from Guantamano Bay, Cuba? Well, meet the new Daniel Kaffee, aka criminal defense attorney Clint Broden.

Broden, who represents Matthew Clendennen, initially issued the subpoenas on the McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna regarding an investigation by the FBI into wrongdoing by Reyna. As a result of a conflict of interest, Reyna withdrew his office from Clendennen’s case and special prosecutors have been appointed instead since Reyna is likely to testify. But after a weekend court hearing, Reyna is now objecting.


Bad Acts

“The apparent purpose of the subpoenaed testimony is to explore in a public forum alleged previous ‘bad acts’ of the district attorney having no connection to the criminal case at hand.” District Attorney Abel Reyna.

Attorney Clint Broden argues that Reyna “cannot handle the truth” and that the pretrial hearing scheduled for today should continue as planned. One of those subpoenaed to testify, Amanda Dillon, is apparently going to testify about statements made by Reyna that this case would put him in higher political office, whether as Attorney General or the Governor. Where have we heard that before? Right here!! Here is the first time and here is the second time!

Broden’s position, rightfully so, is that if the accusations of “selective prosecution” are true, it is 100% relevant to the case at hand. This began with a sworn affidavit filed by former district attorney Greg Davis of Reyna’s office, that stated Reyna did in fact dismiss cases for friends and political supporters.

What makes this more interesting if D.A. Michael Jarrett has been secretly recording conversations with D.A. Abel Reyna and if so, what do those recordings reveal. Apparently, he is also taking notes, hoping to write a book about it and used a different cell phone when communicating with the FBI, concerned that Reyna may check his cell phone.

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