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Do you summerize your motorcycle? I know people winterize it, but I go a step further and summerize it. What does that mean? Well, regardless of your opinion about global warming, it is hotter in south Florida than it has ever been and in the snow states, riders put away their motorcycles come winter, so do I, but in the summer.

It’s an endless criticism I receive, but as far as I am concern, the point of riding a motorcycle is to enjoy it, and I do not enjoy my motorcycle when the “feels like” temperature is 104 degrees. Last year riding cross-country and a topic I wrote about it in my book, 25 & 18, Riding Cross Country, from Miami to Texas it was over 100 degrees everyday, even at 5 p.m.


Riding several hundred miles a day in those conditions didn’t make me any happier. To give you an idea how hot it gets, last year riding to Naples, we took a road known as Snake Road. It’s an isolated road that travels through the Seminole Reservation. Anny and I stopped to video an alligator. It was so hot, her phone kept shutting off. I thought it was an issue with her phone, but when I tried to record the alligator, same result. Our phones overheated within minutes! That’s hot!


This summer, I did something I have never done before, and that was not ride at all. Did I miss riding? At first no, because one quickly adapts to a new situation, but as my mental calendar started to realize October was near, I started to think and talk about riding. Now, I can’t stop thinking about it, same way motorcycle riders in the winter states feel when the snow starts to disappear.

So now with October here, my bike comes out and yours goes in. Those in the snow states, I feel your pain. Be patient, you will appreciate it more once your motorcycle rolls out again.

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