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Being a huge advocate of motorcycle safety and the issues every motorcycle rider faces while riding, I knew sooner or later technology would step in and help out. And with the percentage of accidents caused by distracted driving increasing, it can never be soon enough for this technology.

Autotalks, located in Israel, has developed technology that allows vehicles to talk or communicate with one another. Known as V2V technology (vehicle-to-vehicle), even the U.S. Department of Transportation and the U.S. National Highway Transportation Safety Administration is considering making V2V technology mandatory for all new vehicles by 2023.

Now, Autotalks is focusing on B2V, known as bike to vehicle technology. B2V technology has already been installed on Ducati motorcycles, thanks to software technology from Cohda Wireless. It is believed that with this B2V technology, motorcycle accidents could be reduced by as much as one-third in Germany according to their recent press release. Think about that for one second. That means for every one hundred motorcycle accidents, thirty-three of them could be avoided by this technology.

What’s even better, the innovative technology is small and light-weight, can withstand a wide range of temperatures, and most importantly, inexpensive. That is a key because I am the first one to criticize bikers that spent thirty-thousand dollars on a new Harley Davidson motorcycle, but then buy the cheapest motorcycle helmet they can find.

The way the technology works is simple enough- sudden changes in traffic patterns, for example, a nearby car accelerating or decelerating fast, will alert the rider with either a visible or audio cue. I imagine it will be similar to a HUD helmet (Heads-Up Display) motorcycle helmet.

Besides the obvious benefit of such technology, think of the long-term economic benefits as well. It’s common for motorcycle riders to never have sufficient insurance especially when it is not even required in some states like Florida. While motorcycle insurance in Florida is inexpensive, if you have health insurance, there is no state law requiring motorcycle insurance. Combine that with car owners having minimal car insurance coverage, and more likely than not, the motorcycle rider ends up filing for bankruptcy.

You can visit Autotalks website by clicking here.

Ride Safe.

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