Australia’s Anti-Consorting Laws

australia anti consorting laws, outlaw motorcycle clubs

Remember when mom and dad said “don’t hang out with so-and-so,” and if you did, you got punished, and depending on your age, maybe you got a whipping. And if you are really old, your mother made you pick the “switch” she would use on you for the whipping? Well, imagine instead of your mother, it’s the government telling you who you can and cannot hang out with.


This isn’t the first time I write a blog on the issue of anti-consorting laws. You don’t need to go to law school to know and understand that this law is inherently bad. As they used to say in law school, “it’s a slippery slope.”

Thousands have been issued “warnings” and dozens convicted. Now, a former member of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club has been charged under these new “consorting” statutes. Apparently, this twenty-one year old was warned twice not to hang out with the Bandidos.

Now, to be clear, if you are on probation in the United States and you hang out with the wrong crowd, yes, that could be a violation. But, what if you are like me and you just like motorcycles and those that ride them? I should go to jail for hanging out with a couple of guys from a club that maybe I knew since the age of five?

This anti-consorting laws are what they are. There is no need for complex legal arguments for or against. It’s wrong. It’s that simple.

MC Atty


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