Australia and Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs

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Visa cancellations and deportation are becoming the norm.

Australia, in an effort to eliminate motorcycle clubs, is taking a new approach: deportation.

In total, over one hundred sixty (160 ) foreign-born bikies/bikers have been deported since a strict immigration law was amended in ­December of 2014 that allows for residency visas to be revoked for the mere fact that someone belongs to or is associated with an outlaw motorcycle gang known as (OMCG), based on moral character.

High-profile bikies/bikers such as Shane Martin who is the father of American footballer- Dustin Martin, was recently denied entry into Australia by customs officials.

Not even the founding member of the Rebels Motorcycle Club Tasmanian Chapter- AJ Graham is immune. Graham had served fifteen months prison time for a 2009 conviction and has had his visa cancelled three times as his immigration attorneys appealed the court rulings. Prior to being deported to his native New Zealand in October of 2017, Graham resided in Australia for more than four decades.

The deportations are the latest efforts by Immigration Minister Peter Dutton, quoted as saying that–

  • “They (bikies) run standover and extortion rackets, manufacture and distribute deadly drugs, and are, in large part, responsible for the ice scourge, which directly results in home and business robberies to pay for the addiction.”
  • “These gangs are heavily involved in all sorts of criminal activity.”
  • “If non-citizens lead that life then I’ll cancel their visas and rid our country of them.”


Australian officials are clamping down on the motorcycle clubs, concerned that an increased presence will only lead to further tensions between clubs. The Council of Australian Government is considering passage of nationwide laws to provide for consistency and to reinforce the immigration law which has been argued is unconstitutional.

Just recently, the Bandidos were banned from the Nederlands, meaning the entire club.

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