And So it Continues- Waco Twin Peaks Biker Shooting

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Updates on Twin Peaks Waco Biker Shooting

Again more issues with discovery! A common theme from the beginning, especially during the trial of Christopher Jacob Carrizal. But, as what has become the norm for Waco, discovery is either late or not provided at all, if not evidence is “leaked” that includes private moments not relevant to the case in hand as the “sex pics.” So either more tactics and games or incompetence; you decide which since I already made my decision a long time ago.


Now three additional defendants, Jorge Salinas, William Aiken, and Billy J. McRee are in court requesting more discovery from District Attorney Abel Reyna’s office. Granted, they won’t be the only ones as all other defendants will likely be doing the same, but again, this continues to be the same thing over and over again and just shows the injustice that the defendants are having to go through. I’ve said it before- in all the courthouses in Miami there is a sign on the wall behind the judge that reads “we who labor here seek only the truth.” I’ve yet to see that in Waco.

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The motions filed by the defense attorneys continue to seek evidence that Reyna is being investigated by the FBI and that his actions in arresting everyone that happened to be at Twin Peaks that day was done so in order to further his political career.

In addition, defense attorneys want notes written by one of the prosecutors (Jarrett) who apparently not only recorded conversations with Reyna, but also intends to write a book on his experiences. If such evidence exists which I’m inclined to believe it does, then Reyna will argue such information is “confidential” and/or “privileged” under the work product doctrine. That’s not the case if in fact the notes pertain to a book since that is information that will be made available in the public domain, however, it is likely some notes will fall under “work product” and other notes won’t. That would go a long way in showing the intent behind the mass arrests

At issue with the multiple investigations that seem to be taking place against Reyna, are also documents pertaining to Reyna’s political favoritism and selective prosecution, including to donors of his campaign where the campaign contributions were not reported. There also remains pending possible perjury charges against Reyna as well.

At this pace, Reyna will have more pending charges than the bikers.

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