Abel Reyna Gets Challenged in Debate by Republican Newcomer Barry Johnson

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Updates on the Waco Twin Peaks Shooting

McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna is seeking re-election for a third time. This week he faced off against Republican challenger Barry Johnson.


Right off the top, Johnson questioned Reyna’s integrity and actions by appearing at the crime scene of Twin Peaks and the millions of dollars in civil liability Waco potentially faces because Reyna wanted to “seek higher political office.”

Johnson also mentioned Christopher Jacob Carrizal’s case that ended in a mistrial, even mentioning that Reyna doesn’t try cases, he just shows up for the opening and closing arguments to guarantee a spot on the news. Johnson even accused Reyna of continuing the Bergman case in order to avoid another mistrial and/or dismissal before the election.

Johnson of course mentioned the accusations of cocaine use and selective enforcement of individuals that are supporters of Reyna.


Reyna called Johnson a mouthpiece for the Bandidos, a “puppet.” When asked about the allegations made against him, specifically by former prosecutor Greg Davis who filed a sworn affidavit in court alleging Reyna’s illegal actions, he blamed the biker lawyers and the “fake news media” Waco Tribune. Reyna even called the Waco Tribune a “rag of a paper.” He was met with applause from the audience. Probably Reyna’s “dad” that he mentioned multiple times and other members of his family.

As it turns out, Johnson’s father was also a Judge and worked for the Waco Tribune. I’m sure I know who the Waco Tribune will be supporting.

In closing, trying to instill fear in everyone present and an image of a good ‘ol Texas lynching, Reyna said the “bikers are coming after us” and that Johnson would give them the key to the city. He also said that Greg Davis is a liar and left on a Sunday in the cover of night.


To make it more interesting, I suggest both candidates have hair follicle drug testing done, even though Reyna’s buzz cut helps, but lets go for a lie detector test as well. Winner takes all!

MC Atty

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