Abel Reyna Dismisses More Cases

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Abel Reyna, District Attorney of Waco, Texas, has been accused of public corruption by a former staff attorney and retired police officer.

Updates on Waco Biker Shooting

It was almost a month ago that District Attorney Abel Reyna dismissed thirteen cases. A couple of weeks ago, the Attorney General for Texas advised DA Reyna that they could not assist in prosecuting cases. Now, once again with lucky number thirteen, Reyna is dismissing even more cases.

There are also an additional thirty-two cases where indictments were never filed and will not be at this point. In total, there are fifty-eight cases so far that will not get prosecuted.

At this point, Reyna will do anything he can to avoid testifying in any of the Waco Biker Trials or having his former staff attorney or retired Waco Police Detective from testifying on public corruption charges and political favoritism.

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