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Below is a post that I have copied and pasted with permission from Karyn. The reason I posted this is because Karyn accurately describes her experiences, feelings, and opinions of Nashville Bike Week; the same felt by thousands of people.

Since the last time that Mike Axle was seen on Facebook Live, he removed that post, a common pattern. This last time he did the Facebook Live was from inside a car.


The group page reads there are 101 bands scheduled to play, however, in past radio interviews he said whichever band is listed on the website for Nashville Bike Week has been confirmed. There is a difference of 76 bands between the website and the group/event page on Facebook.

He continues to say that he is the victim in all this and continues bashing, blocking, and cursing at everyone that has anything negative to say about him (basically, people requesting a refund which he has now confirmed there will be no refund. He has said sell your tickets if you don’t want them, but no one has received tickets to sell in the first place).

He even said, this is the second time now, that he is going to post all the haters’ credit scores publicly on Facebook. First all, no one cares. Second of all, as a bankruptcy attorney and sometimes ambulance chaser as he called me once in a radio interview, I have to obtain credit reports all the time. The security questions asked, twenty-five percent of my clients cannot even answer it correctly, and we have to take other means to obtain their credit reports/scores. So, how he plans to do that, which is illegal by the way, is beyond my comprehension. Just another drop in the bucket of exaggerated statements made by Mike Axle whose real name is Mike Lewis Leffingwell (Google his name for fun and see the multiple media reports on him and the event.


Since that last rant by him on Saturday, he still hasn’t taken care of the warrants which he said he would, but then again, in a prior interview he said he has “bigger fish to fry” and wouldn’t take care of the warrants until after the event was over.

He also said he was stepping back and someone else would run the event, but of course, no one has till date. There is still no construction on the site that he said where the event is taking place and he has made clear that there is more than enough time to prepare. It should be noted that the daughter of the land owner said that is her family’s land and no such event was taking place there. Axle replied that is the photo that appears on Google maps.

This, after originally blaming the delay on securing the property on his attorneys, then sixty cows. He recently posted that he has signed a 15 year lease on the property. Of course, no one can verify that. Axle did post a letter dated from 2014 from the state of Tennessee regarding the event, but internet sleuths immediately confirmed that the logo on the letterhead was not the logo used by the state at the time. Other than that, Axle keeps saying the 10 day event is going forward (it’s 11 days if you do math).

Below is the post by Karyn.

“I’ve just finished reading your current blog (she is not referring to my blog). It’s hard to be positive when as a consumer you have been treated so callously and disgracefully. Let me take one moment to explain at least why I feel the way I do as a customer. A little history.

I hang around with a group of 16 people, mostly people I’ve known since grade school Every few years we all do a vacation together and we do weekend rides whenever possible. So when Nashville bike week was brought to our attention we were all over it. What made it VERY attactive for us was the fact that Loretta Lynn’s ranch had some clout, making us feel safe about buying in early. Heck they are very high profile, so it couldn’t possilby go wrong.

My group got in early because there was a tier price plan depending on when you buy in. We got in Feb 2016. When I bought my tickets it was written in the site that tickets would be mailed to us as well as we were given online accounts that saved our purchase.

I never got a confirmation email but I wasn’t concerned at the time because I had access to my online account and tickets were to be malied. My card was charged $329.25 by superflow entertainment on Feb 7th 2016, That was for 2 tickets. 16 people from my group bought tickets.

A few weeks ago the post on the Loretta Lynn Ranch site was emailed to me stating that LLR has severed ties with Nashville Bike week, Being concerned about not having my tickets I went to the NBW site to sign into my online account only my account was gone as well. This was when I went over to the NBW facebook page to find out what was up.

I noticed a post from someone stating that they couldn’t access their online account. I responded “thanks for posting, I cant either I thought it was just me.”

Mike Axle Deleted my post and banned me from further commenting on the page.

So would that concern you?

I then logged into a shadow FB account I have an private messaged them. I got zero answers in return in regards to why I’d been blocked or how to proceed with a refund. twice.

It then came out Mike Axle has a shady past. According to searches, not one but 3 seperate warrants in different states. What makes it harder is that all his arrest had to do with scamming money from people for promising goods and not delivering.

another red flag.

Then it was that a venue announcement would be made next week then the next and next week. One post shows that he would actually show everyone from the venue, and that didn’t happen. He’s stated various times things are moving forward cabins are being built, then that turned out to be untrue.

On several radio interviews he stated he would honor refunds and even stated they began mailing checks then THAT turned out to be a lie. He then said your tickets state “no refunds” and people posted their tickets, nowhere on the ticket does it state no refund. He stated in the confirmation email it says no refund, someone posted theirs and it isn’t on there. No he claims the website always had it, which is another lie and it’s an easy one to verify for any web user. Feb 17th archive of his site shows it wasn’t there.

Now he’s taken to ripping us, calling us names and telling us to sell our tickets if we don’t want to go. But, I have no tickets, he never sent them.

Todays FB live he said for those of us he’s had to ban from the site, we are no longer welcome there, we will be removed from NBW (if it even happens) Yet we paid to be on those grounds.


You’ve taken my money, provided me with nothing, told me it ws still going on to get down there but I’m not welcome and sell tickets you never sent me.

I’m sorry, I have a very hard time to find anything to be positive about in all of this and I’m quite pissed off to the point that I’d like to organize a class action lawsuit against him for this.

At every turn he’s made himself the victim and treated all the paying customers like crap to discredit them. That’s how a scammer works…
If you want to discuss this further with me, please feel free to pm me, but as of right now I don’t see much positive in what’s been done to us.”

If you have any stories to share regarding your experiences, feel free to contact me.

MC Atty

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4 thoughts on “A Personal Experience- Nashville Bike Week

  • March 9, 2017 at 11:26 pm

    I think 5 years ago he was in prison even though he continues to say that. Only thing worse is those that still support him. Some, including himself, are actually saying we are distracting him from his job. Really? Maybe I’ll tell the judge and opposing counsel to stop interrupting me so I can finish my job. I like the nickname btw, Mugshot Mike. I might steal that one from you.

  • March 9, 2017 at 11:23 pm

    LOL. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Most important part of a lawsuit is collecting money, and I”m sure the money is long gone. Probably with him at all times and for sure not in a bank.

  • March 8, 2017 at 6:14 pm

    Class action lawsuit? First thing we need is an attorney familiar with the situation. Hmmm, mcatty?

  • March 8, 2017 at 6:02 pm

    MugShot Mike .All this is to him is a game of lying to everyone.After listening to him and the way he represents himself on all this just shows me this guy is a LOSER.Everything he brings up is not his fault it’s every one else’s.This was a bike week that supposedly was 5 yrs in the making and not a single permit taken out on this.All I can picture in all this now is nothing good.An empty field with rough terrain and not set up for motorcycles

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