9/11- Never Forget

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Firefighter Tim Duffy arrives downtown on his Harley after first tower collapse, 9/11/2001.

There are events that occur in our lives that we remember vividly every detail. Some events are positive, some are not. On September 11, 2001, I was stuck in the courthouse, 20+ stories high. I received a text message from my accountant and friend when the first plane struck one of the Twin Towers. When the second plane hit, he text me again. This time the message was “we are under terrorist attack get out of there.”

Was the courthouse a target, too? How fast can I run down the stairs with the chaos that was sure to ensue? I had only been practicing law two years at the time, but I interrupted the Judge to tell him we needed to go and I was leaving regardless of his decision. He agreed.

I stepped out of the building relieved, one problem: I was not taking the Metrorail back to the office, public transportation could be another target. I had my law partner pick me up.

I spent the day glued to the television set like the rest of the world. Anxiety caused me to go visit my parents. I was shocked to see them both crying, but the fact is, my parents have called the United States home since 1963 and have always been grateful to this country. It also made me realize that this was not just an attack on New York or the United States, but an attack on the world.

Since 9/11, I still give thought to what happened when I’m in tall buildings, especially if I happen to be in the same courtroom as that day. I still look around for anything suspicious. I felt fear mixed with anxiety during that time period, imagine those that lost their lives in the Twin Towers.

We need to continue to honor those that passed away and those that risked their lives that day and since, to make our world safer. The stories of heroes are endless, and all that passed away are heroes as well. Tomorrow I am participating in a parade to honor those who died on 9/11. As always, the biker community comes through, but that is not enough! I wish 9/11 would become a national holiday. And while I clearly understand the mighty dollar rules supreme, even the planes should be grounded on 9/11. It is the least we can do.

I understand the government may not want to keep reminding us of 9/11, but I disagree. Out of sight is not out of mind. We can never truly forget what happened, and we should show that to the world, especially the terrorists. I know some will think that is giving in to the terrorists, that they won, but this isn’t about the terrorists, it’s about honoring those that were killed. Our lives should not go on as normal that day. We have always honored those that have died protecting us, especially during times of war. Leave no doubt that the acts of 9/11 were an act of war.

To the heroes in law enforcement and the firefighters that risked their own lives to save ours, we will never forget your acts of bravery. To the military that continues to fight in order for us to be safe, we thank you and we will never forget. To those that perished, we will never forget.

Don’t ever forget.

MC Atty

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