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Wearing my 7eye while hiking through the Rocky Mountains.

After riding for more than 10 years, I finally found a pair of motorcycle riding glasses that I like. In the past, I had to stop wearing googles because in Miami with the humidity, the lenses would fog up within seconds of stopping the bike. I was wearing googles for a while because the legs of all my glasses pinched my ears while riding with a helmet on and air always got in-between the frame and my eyes. Well, finally these issues have been resolved.


7Eye is a sponsor of my riding group M.S.A.R. (Motorcycle Safety & Awareness Riders), and after testing their product, I wanted to interview Daniel, the President, and learn more about his company.

Obsessed with perfection would be a good way to describe Daniel and his passion for fabricating the best motorcycle glasses in the world. A second generation eye wear manufacturer, they have been in business for more than 43 years.

My 7eye glasses were chosen based on my facial structure and with the glasses extremely lightweight, much more so than any pair I have ever used before. My glasses were no longer sliding off my nose while riding. 7eye glasses are custom orders that take between 1-3 days to complete.

The legs on my 7eye glasses weren’t pinching the side of my head either because the tips are flexible otherwise known as BT or Bendable Technology. Gone are the days of holding one leg of my glasses clenched between my teeth while I’m riding and flexing the legs to loosen it up.

I also noticed the clear view the lenses provided and that is because each lens is laser tested and cut to ensure clarity and eliminate double vision. The colors of the lens are also specifically designed to help you discern the contours on the road and hazards such as oil slicks. And 7eye isn’t just for bikers, other activities include skiing, hiking, equestrian riding and fishing, each with lenses specific to that activity.


On my recent cross country trip, I came across all sorts of weather, especially rain. Once it rains, I am guaranteed two results: one, water gets on the inside of the frame, and two, the foam around the lenses gets wet. 7eye doesn’t use your typical foam that soaks up the rain like a sponge, they actually have a patent pending on a rubber material that does the opposite.

Known as Orbital Seal, the filtered vents controls airflow and prevents airborne irritants from getting in and keeps my eyes dry while riding in the rain but at the same time, no “dry eye” which is important when you wear contact lenses like I do. And if wearing contact lenses isn’t your thing, no problem, order a pair with prescription lenses.

An important feature of the rubber foam surrounding the lenses is that it is a separate piece from the glasses and thus, can be removed. Once I park the bike and walk around, I rarely used my riding glasses because motorcycle glasses aren’t made to work as regular shades anymore than motorcycle boots are made for walking. But, with a removable foam, I know have two pairs of glasses in one (see picture of me with the foam removed).


Besides being 100 percent UVA + UVB protection, 7eye lenses are also impact resistant. When bikers talk about safety; helmets, gloves, jeans, and riding boots are always mentioned, but never eye wear protection. You may look cool wearing the latest shades from Sons of Anarchy, but when a bug or worse- a dragon fly hits you at 70 mph, you better hope those glasses don’t crack or shatter.

Oddly enough when my girlfriend was in the truck following me through New Mexico, a pebble that came from my bike cracked the windshield on my truck. It could have just as easy been the other way around, thus, why safety rated/impact resistant glasses are a must when riding.

With your 7eye glasses, you have a 1 year warranty and small repairs are either free or at a nominal cost so you don’t have to dish out your hard earned money for another pair.

To care for your glasses, just remember to keep them in the case that comes with your order and avoid leaving your glasses in direct sunlight. When not riding, keep your glasses indoors at room temperature.

For more information on 7eye, visit their website  or M.S.A.R.’s group page on meetup.com.

Be safe, be conscious of safety, and protect your eyes with 7eye.

MC Atty

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This is a photo of a biker’s 7eye glasses when he lost control of his bike b/c his back tire blew out. He was ejected from the bike at 75+ mph, leaving him unconscious and with 6 broken ribs. His doctor told him without these glasses, he would have lost his sight too.




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    I ride with the right gear, but thinking of going with a full face helmet now. Not sure, I have to try it out.

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