3 Wheeled Discrimination

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Remember how you reacted when your friend showed up on a trike? For the most part, I think it is safe to say you busted his ##### for a while, then you took it for a ride, you loved it, but then said, “yeah, but it’s not for me.”


I’ve always laughed at those that say they would rather be caught dead than riding a trike. Personally, I’d rather be caught alive than dead, and if riding a trike gives me another day of living, where do I sign up?

I’ve even had older motorcycle riders tell me when they can’t ride anymore on two wheels, they are hanging up their boots. It’s not something I would do, as I would get a three-wheeled motorcycle and keep riding, and when that is no longer working for me, I’m graduating to four wheels. But, with motorcycles like the Yamaha Niken and Slingshot, I’m guessing those prejudices are going to disappear real soon.

That’s why when I came across the 3- Wheeler Rally in Deadwood, South Dakota with the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally around the corner, I thought to myself: cool.


I’ve been to Deadwood a couple of times and the first thing I will tell you is – you have to go. I don’t care if it is pre-Sturgis, post Sturgis, or in the middle of the rally, with or without a motorcycle. There is an aura, a feeling that I cannot describe with words when it comes to the former gold rush mining town that was home to Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane, including the award winning series of Deadwood on HBO.


With the 3 Wheeler Rally, it could serve as the perfect appetizer to your main dish. It‘s not Sturgis, we are talking 750 people versus a half million, but motorcycles are motorcycles. Besides, the less people on the road, the better. Ride a few weeks before or after Sturgis and you will see how completely different the riding experience is.

The 3 Wheeler Rally has brought trike riders from all over the country (forty-one different states) plus Canada, and you know what the cool thing is, there may even be a few trike riders that attended Sturgis back in the day on two wheels, and when I mean back in the day, pre-social media and trust me, those guys have the best stories to tell.

So take your motorcycle, two, three, four wheels, and head out. See you on the road.

MC Atty

Alexander, aka MC Atty, is an avid motorcycle rider and author of numerous books which includes motorcycle fiction based novels and motorcycle travel.

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