25 & 18- Riding Cross Country-Available on Amazon.


Finally achieving a life-long dream, Alex rides cross-country from Miami, Florida to Sturgis, South Dakota and back. In total, eighteen states over twenty-five days and six thousand two hundred forty-one miles logged.

Join him and his girlfriend, two rookie campers, as they decide the best way to travel and see the country is by camping. Alex has never had a positive camping experience and Anny has never camped before.

With more stories to tell than miles, Alex writes about some great and not so great moments after spending almost a month on the road. Whether it was the traffic in trying to get to New Orleans, the unbearable heat in Texas, stargazing in New Mexico as coyotes howl in the distance, a fear of grizzlies in Colorado, a possible future serial killer camping in the Badlands, or Anny getting locked out of a hotel room naked, you will be with him every single mile. Included are plenty of photographs and videos documenting his journey.

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MC Atty.

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