What a Year!

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The year of 2017 was a special year for the motorcycle riding community and one I’m not likely to forget anytime soon.


Mike Leffingwell, aka… Mike Axel, Nashville Bike Week

For one, this was the year that Mike Axel, promoter and convicted felon, got arrested after probably bilking millions from the biker community. Leffingwell pulled off one of the biggest scams the biker community will ever see.

Who can forget his vicious attacks on anyone that crossed him (I was one of his favorites to attack) and his endless amount of lies. He threatened me and others with lawsuits daily, bullied us on social media, called our places of work to get us fired, and even had an attorney send me a cease and desist letter. My response I admit, may be my best ever, especially the short video clip at the end. Follow the link, trust me, you will enjoy it.

Luckily, one person did not back down and created a group of which I was a part of that called ourselves The Dirty Dozen. Armed with laptops and a desire for justice, we spent thousands of hours accumulating information and advising hundreds/thousands of victims on how to obtain refunds. We were instrumental in uncovering his mountain of lies and in return, the universe blessed me with eleven new friends!

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Twin Peaks Waco Shooting

This year also marked the first trial of the injustice that is the Waco Biker Shootout. The first trial resulted in the mistrial of Bandido MC Chapter President Christopher Jacob Carrizal, restoring some faith in the Waco judicial system.

Along the way, Karma has paid a visit to District Attorney Abel Reyna who is under multiple investigations and it would be hard to believe he will survive the scandals of his office in an upcoming election, if not face complete removal due to the slow wheels of Waco justice grinding away. There still remains plenty of work ahead for all those facing trials, but tonight, they can spend time with their friends, family, and loved ones, as they should be, especially for Carrizal who was the first one to face the firing squad and came out on top. Carrizal, if you happen to read this, I owe you a beer. Okay, make it two.

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Bandidos Banned in the Netherlands

The Bandidos Motorcycle Club just a few weeks ago was banned from the Netherlands.  Just let that sink in. Now realize what that means for other clubs with chapters in the Netherlands and Holland, and everywhere else for that matter.

Mongols Motorcycle Club

The government just can’t let go. It’s that simple. Still trying to defeat the Mongols with RICO violations for the entire club, not just one chapter or a few, but the entire club! The federal government’s idea while simple enough, is a legal fallacy. With endless resources, they continue coming after the Mongols for RICO violations hoping to strip away their patches as “gang insignia.”  Till now, the Mongols have won the legal battles, but their case remains pending.

Outlaws Motorcycle Club

What’s expected to result in retaliation according to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, last week Paul Anderson, Chapter President of the Outlaws was killed. The Sheriff’s Office arrested three members of the 69er’s M.C. in association with Anderson’s murder and believe that President Christopher Cosimano was the one who fatally shot Anderson.

My home state of Florida has been through a bad year, not including the destruction caused by Hurricane Irma. Earlier this year, four Outlaws were arrested and are awaiting trial for the murder of David Donovan, member of the Kingsmen MC. Another Chapter President, James Costa, was shot while riding his motorcycle, and the St. Petersburg’s clubhouse was burned down to the ground. And Outlaw Christopher Keating was stabbed to death at a bar in Daytona, a town that is already anti-club and during bike week, it’s common to see the signs that read “no colors” allowed inside the bar.

If the events of this year continue, then it’s just a matter of time before the federal government comes knocking on the door of Florida.

MSAR (Motorcycle Safety & Awareness Riders)

After more than four years, I shut down my Facebook Group Page, MSAR and it also marks the one year I didn’t do our annual Turkey Ride & Drive. Last year we collected over 7,300 lbs, feeding tens of thousands of families.

Along with Anny, we founded MSAR with the idea of creating a safer riding environment by educating riders and drivers. We did large rides for awareness with our most successful ride having 178 motorcycles, one 18 wheeler, and 7 cars. We succeeded in bringing the motorcycle riding community together as motorcycle clubs, independents, riding groups, and law enforcement clubs rode together with a common goal.

But, I closed MSAR for two reasons: time and relocation.

  1. This year I devoted myself to writing. I wrote four books, completing two books in less than a month, at times writing as much as 3,500-4,000 words per day, while at the same time running a law office. I will also take this moment to thank my readers for believing in me and allowing me to continue to pursue my passion.
  2. I also blogged consistently, and now my blog has more readers than ever, getting thousands of views weekly and sometimes daily. Before Halloween, I had more than 100,000 views.
  3. This year also marks the year we move to Colorado. Yeah, I know, it didn’t go as planned. But, I look forward to cranking up that motorcycle come April and exploring new territories and roads. And living in rural Colorado will also allow me to ride daily since I can skip the 90% humidity of south Florida, which means I will put more miles on my motorcycle in 2018 than ever in one year.

In Closing

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the best year for me and I’m sure for many of you, it wasn’t either. Nothing went as planned, but then again, like John Lennon said, life is that thing happens to you while you are busy making plans.

But, with a blink of the eye, we are hours away from 2017 being a memory and I hope with that, 2018 provides us all with everything that 2017 didn’t.

Happy New Year and see you on the road of life.

MC Atty

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