$1.8 Million Dollar Harley Davidson Motorcycle

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Harley Davidson Blue Edition Bucherer inspired motorcycle.

You think you are paying a lot for your Harley Davidson? What about a price tag of $1.8 million?


Harley Davidson and Bucherer 

Working with Bucherer, a Swiss watch maker, Harley-Davidson created a motorcycle that took more than 2,500 hours to build. It has 360 diamonds including a 5.4 carat diamond, and each screw is plated with rose gold.

The seat his handmade from cowhide, and the paint is iridescent blue to match Bucherer’s Blue Edition watch series. If that is not enough, you have the James Bond style retractable safe.

Loving the different colors of blue on any motorcycle, including my blue and black Honda VTX, I can tell you the iridescent blue on this motorcycle is awesome.

The Harley Davidson Motorcycle

The¬†Harley is a Soft tail Slim S, 100 horsepower engine, that starts with a key fob, just kidding, it’s fingerprint-controlled of course. Expect anything different?

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